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Alton Papers, No.11

Learn more about John Hale & Sons, Wheelwrights and Coachbuilders of Alton; Wykeham House School in Kings Road run by Primrose and Dorothy Wickham; Richard Norton's Italianate Tomb at East Tisted; and Alton's Eccentric Professor - Alexander William Bickerton - and his life in England and New Zealand. ...
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    It is intended to publish The Alton Papers annually. The Editors will consider for publication suitable articles and notes about the history (social, economic, political, architectural, artefactual, or literary) of Alton and the surrounding area.

    The Editors will be pleased to discuss proposals for articles, or summaries of them, before they are written. Articles submitted are refereed to ensure that a high standard is maintained. Fees and royalties are not payable, and copyright resides with the author. Authors will be supplied with a copy of the issue of The Alton Papers in which their article appears.

    Articles should normally be between 250 to 3,000 words in length, plus notes, and should include acknowledgements. Illustrations are welcomed. Contributions should be sent in the first instance to the Editor, care of the Curtis Museum, Alton.


    The first page should contain the title, and the name(s) of the author(s) and contributor(s). Acknowledgements should be in a short headed section at the end of the text but before references or bibliography. Lists of abbreviations should be placed at the start of the references or bibliography.

  3. STYLE

    Authors' style will be respected, but the Editors reserve the right to amend text to ensure grammatical accuracy or enhance its accessibility to the general reader.


    Relevant illustrations (figures, plates or tables), in appropriate quantities, are welcomed. Specially drawn maps or diagrams are "figures", photographs are "plates", tables are "tables". All types of illustrations should be numbered in pencil on the bottom margin in a single sequence as they occur in the text. Where a title does not appear in the illustration, a caption should be provided. Sources should be acknowledged. Any necessary copyright permissions, or permissions to reproduce, should be obtained by the author.


    Authors will receive a proof of their article, which must be checked with great care.


    Typing Text should be double spaced throughout, including notes and captions to illustrations. Margins should be 4cm throughout. Text should be on one side of the paper only.
    Pagination All pages should be numbered at the bottom.
    Type Faces Italics should be italicised on a word processor, otherwise underlined.
    Capitals Use capitals for personal, place, corporate and other names and titles, etc., eg Hampshire County Council, Lord Selborne, Trinity Term. Directions, eg south / southern, and seasons, eg winter, should be left in lower case.
    Italics Use for titles of books, periodicals, ships' names, foreign words.
    Spelling As in the Oxford English Dictionary.
    Quotations In the text, short quotations should be enclosed by double inverted commas, with single for quotations within quotations. Longer quotations (perhaps 40 words or more) should be separated from the main text by a blank line, and indented.
    Abbreviations Should be followed by a full stop, eg. MS., Dec.
    Dates Give in full in text, as follows: 1 February 1997. Abbreviate months to three letters in notes. For centuries, use figures, eg 19th century, mid-14th century. Circa should be abbreviated to c. Kings and Queens should be cited with Roman numerals, thus Queen Elizabeth I not Queen Elizabeth the First or Queen Elizabeth 1.
    Numbers Numbers under ten should be written out; 11 and above, use numerals.
    Money Money should be given in figures, eg £1. 10s. 0d. (ie the s. and d. italicised); £1.50
    Disks Text may be submitted in disk on consultation with the Editor to ensure compatibility. Hard copy must always be submitted in the first instance.

    Normally EITHER Notes OR a Bibliography should be supplied, but not both.

    Notes Notes should be numbered (superscript) consecutively in the text and listed after Acknowledgements. Bibliographical conventions should be thus:

    Southampton Record Office, SC/5/4/27, Port Book 1509-10, p. 343.

    Stone, RA, The Meon Valley Railway, Southampton (1983) p. 69.

    Bancroft P, "The LMR - 25 years since closure", Mid-Hants News, 81, (1994) p. 46.

    Bibliography List the sources in the following order:

    Primary sources:

    List by repository and describe, eg Southampton Record Office, SC/5/4/27, Port Book 1509-10

    Printed primary sources should follow manuscripts.


    Italicise titles. Abbreviated titles may be used in notes. Date of issue should be given.

    Secondary sources:

    Use the following format:

    Stone, RA, The Meon Valley Railway, Southampton (1983).

    Bancroft P, "The LMR - 25 years since closure", Mid-Hants News, 81, (1994).

    Dates in Notes See "Dates" above.

MAY 1997